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For more information, e-mail us on the following addresses:
Craig Batten: Managing Director craigb@jvsprojects.com
JVS Projects
Colin Bews: Technical Director colinb@jvsprojects.com
JVS Projects
Tim Covarr: Marketing Director timc@jvsprojects.com
JVS Projects
Owen Durrant: Manufacturing Director owend@cesgb.co.zw
JVS Manufacturing
Kingston Mayenzanise: Manager automation@jvsprojects.com
JVS Automation
Mark Olivier: Manager marko@jvsprojects.com
JVS Energy Solutions
Marlene Layton: Office Manager admin@jvsprojects.com
General Inquiries
Call us on the following numbers:
+263 4 487058
+263 4 487272
+263 4 487274
+263 4 486902
Or Skype Us:
JVS Head Office: Call me!
JVS Factory: Call me!


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Email: admin@jvsprojects.com
Skype Head Office: JVS.Head-Office
Skype Factory: JVS.Factory

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